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Please tell me how much the school fees are
Anonymous10-09-18 23:14
Dear visitor,this web sites is not an official site of Al Tajan Azharian school, you can find in on address This site is in English, because I am foreigner, not fluent in written Arabic. That's why is my private site of school in English. With the best wishes. Umm Safiya-author of web and mother of 1kid, which attended school in KG1
please could you tell me if you have an open vacancies for pr department ?
As salaamu alaikum, how much is the summer program and is it open to girls as well as boys?
I would like to ask about the swimming lessons for women, are there any women trainers??, and will it be women only?? Thanks.
Al salamu alikom ,

i would like to know if you have vacancies for science teachers please .
am french teacher and i would like to know if u have any vacancy?
salam alaykoum nous sommes de france nous aimerions connaitre le prix a l'année pour la primaire barakallahou fikoum
All they need is a good english teacher
hannah13-03-02 00:15
There is no anybody to answer our questions,I think it's a joke from this school,or......maybe they are no serious
what cast the kindergarten
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