Azharian Institutes Cairo EGYPT


Basic info


        New, organized school is based on principles of combination of science and belief. Education system is inspired by using famous Montessori system (studying while playing) and individual care (maximum 20 pupils in one class with main teacher and assistent teacher).
       Al Tajan school is certificated by Al Azhar University of Cairo, Egypt. For all stages from baby class.

Our teachers are university graduated. Teaching by well experienced proffesional teachers: English, Arabic Fusha, Qur'an Al Kerim, Islamic science, Computer, Islamic Art, Physical exercises and more.

        School is equipped with a computer class, class for studying languages and Qur'an, Library, Art room, musalla and mosque, big heated swimming pool, gym, gardens, football and volleyball playgrounds, every KG class has it's own bathroom and aircondition.

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